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Despicable me?

Parents convinced that the Minions toys in McDonald's Happy Meals are saying, 'What the f--k'

To promote the new movie Minions, McDonald's is giving away Minion toys as Happy Meal prizes. The problem? The jabbering toys can supposedly be heard saying, "What the f--k."

At least two news stations have covered the case of the cursing Minion: WFTV in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Fox28 in Central Ohio. WFTV actually beeped the alleged curse word, but made an unedited video available online so those of us brave enough to risk profanity from a children's toy can decide for ourselves. Fox28 let the toy's unedited speech go on air, but did warn parents that the toy is available at McDonald's restaurants throughout the Central Ohio region.

McDonald's responded to the brouhaha by noting that the Minions are just speaking Minionese, "a random combination of languages and nonsense words." The company says nothing they say can be translated into any known language.