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Hillary's plan to revive her campaign: Be more human

Starting this fall, Hillary Clinton's campaign will begin showcasing the candidate's "humor" and "heart," according to The New York Times, in a bid to combat the perception that she is "wooden and overly cautious." The campaign's shift in focus comes amidst a dip in the polls stemming from Clinton's email scandal and other controversies, as well as the rise of outsider candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

"The same force and energy that is giving a lift to Donald Trump is dooming Hillary Clinton, and that is authenticity. Experience does not matter to [voters]," Eric Fehrnstrom, a former aide to Mitt Romney, told the Times. "What matters is you appear genuine."

But even if the rope lines are coming down and the jokes are coming out, Democratic pollster Anna Greenburg says that Clinton can't escape being Clinton. "At the end of the day, she is the establishment candidate," Greenberg told the Times. "It's something to navigate. You can't shed it."