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walker's withdrawal

Scott Walker didn't even call the meeting that ended his campaign. His wife did.

Scott Walker, in a somewhat puzzlingly early decision, dropped out of the 2016 presidential race Monday. Now, Politico reports the move came after a meeting called not by Walker, but by his wife, Tonette.

In a story published early Tuesday morning, Politico reveals that Tonette Walker joined with her husband's campaign chairman, Mike Grebe, to call an "emergency meeting" on Sept. 21 for longtime aides of the Wisconsin governor. Scott Walker, meanwhile, was reeling from a lackluster performance at the second Republican debate, held Sept. 16.

After the meeting arranged by his wife and Grebe, Walker decided to exit the race — reportedly blindsiding several close friends and allies, including major donor Todd Ricketts. Given that Walker was plagued by indecision throughout his campaign, perhaps it's fitting his wife stepped in at the last minute. Read the whole story of Walker's unraveling at Politico.