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Trump vs. Fox

Donald Trump boycotts Fox News

Cue Roger Ailes' meltdown.

GOP presidential candidate and noted Fox frenemy Donald Trump announced Wednesday via Twitter that he's swearing off Fox News entirely:

After getting in a high-profile spat with Fox host Megyn Kelly during and after the first Republican presidential debate, which aired on the network, Trump seems to have taken issue with Kelly's fellow Fox host Bill O'Reilly. Trump apparently objected to the guests O'Reilly invited on his show, The O'Reilly Factor, calling them "Trump haters" and saying the show was "very negative" to him.

Of course, last time this happened, Fox News boss Roger Ailes at first defended his staff — before apparently capitulating to the business mogul. So buckle up, everyone, because it appears this media tiff is, sadly, here to stay.

UPDATE 2:27 p.m. EDT: Fox News is now claiming that it canceled Trump's scheduled appearance on The O'Reilly Factor before Trump announced on Twitter his intent to boycott the network. Per a statement shared by CNN's Brian Stelter:

It seems Trump has yet to respond to Fox's statement.