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Bringing back the trucker hat

Trump's biggest campaign expenditure? Hats and T-shirts.

Donald Trump is saving his campaign's money for the important things — namely, his signature apparel. Politico reports that, so far, Trump's campaign has spent more than $700,000 on hats and T-shirts, marking the campaign's "biggest expenditure." For comparison, that's more than three times the amount of money the campaign has spent on building Trump's supporter base by renting lists from Newsmax Media.

While $700,000 is an undoubtedly huge amount to spend on T-shirts and hats, it is, admittedly, only a fraction of the funds that Trump has raised. Although Trump initially vowed to finance his own campaign, Politico reports that he has raised $3.9 million so far. He has given $100,000 to his campaign out of his own pocket.