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Donald Trump insults Iowa voters, Monsanto, blames intern

While most of the political world was watching Hillary Clinton square off against House Republicans over Benghazi for 11 hours on Thursday, Donald Trump apologized. Well, he didn't really apologize on his own behalf:

What retweet could be so offensive as to merit a team mea culpa from the apology-averse Republican presidential frontrunner? Apparently, Trump's... intern didn't like a new poll showing that Ben Carson had pulled ahead of him in Iowa:

Of course, the internet never forgets — and blaming the intern seems kind of a cheap dodge, as Trump should already know. But Nazi troops in the corner of a campaign graphic is one thing — nobody thinks Trump puts together his own campaign art. Retweeting from the official Trump account is another, and not everybody's buying that Trump is giving a lowly staffer the keys to his primary mode of communication with voters:

In any case, what we've all learned here is that Donald Trump may not be afraid of Vladimir Putin, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, or his creditors, but insulting Iowa voters is a bridge too far, even for him.