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Ben Carson wants to drink orange juice with Jesus

Ben Carson wants to get a beer with Jesus — or, well, an orange juice or maybe a root beer, since the Seventh Day Adventist doesn't drink for religious reasons. The Republican presidential candidate was quick to pick Jesus as the person he'd want to get a drink with in a livestreamed Facebook interview with Univision host Jorge Ramos on Thursday.

The rest of Ramos' questions weren't quite so easy to answer. The Univision host quizzed the retired neurosurgeon on everything from race and immigration issues to college tuition and his new rapping campaign ad.

Carson projected confidence when it came to his chances in 2016. "Can you beat Hillary Clinton?" Ramos asked. "Absolutely," Carson responded. That juice date with Jesus might get him some inside help, too.

Watch the full interview below. Becca Stanek

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I'm interviewing GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

Posted by Jorge Ramos on Thursday, November 5, 2015