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Seth Meyers had to break the news to Samuel L. Jackson that he's feuding with Donald Trump

Samuel L. Jackson had no idea he was in a feud with Donald Trump until Seth Meyers told him on Tuesday's Late Night.

"We're having beef?" a surprised Jackson asked. Meyers explained that it all started when Jackson said during an interview that he was a better golfer than Trump, and shared that the Republican presidential candidate signed him up for a golf club without his permission. Trump tweeted Tuesday that he doesn't know Jackson and "to best of my knowledge haven't played golf with him." He also said he thinks Jackson does "too many television commercials — boring."

Jackson was incredulous, and shared that not only did his assistant have to call Trump's golf club to cancel the membership he never asked for, but Trump also got in touch to set up a golf date with former President Bill Clinton. "He called and said 'Samuel L., The Don,'" Jackson said. "'Who?' 'The Don.' 'Oh, Mr. Trump, how are you doing?'" Jackson recalled that at the golf course, Trump "bought [Clinton] a jacket, and gave me nothing." Meyers is convinced if Clinton and others come forward to back up Jackson's side of the story, "This might be the thing that finally brings down his campaign," an idea that made the audience applaud and Jackson give a thumbs up sign. Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia