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Democratic debate

Bernie Sanders says GOP rivals 'seem to want' to get U.S. bogged down in Syria 'quagmire'

NBC News asked the Democratic candidates in Sunday night's debate whether they would commit ground troops in Syria to combat the Islamic State, and all three candidates were opposed to the idea. Hillary Clinton said she had a three-point plan that definitely did not include U.S. ground troops. Bernie Sanders was more adamant. President Obama has gotten a lot of grief over his handing of the ISIS fight, Sanders said, but "I think he is doing the right thing." He added that "the nightmare scenario, which is what so many of my Republicans seem to want," is getting bogged down in a "quagmire" in Syria, like in Vietnam.

Martin O'Malley also said it would be a mistake to send in U.S. troops, reminding viewers that troops are somebody's children, and Republicans are insulting troops by calling them "boots on the ground."