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Clinton Emails

Did Russia read Hillary Clinton's emails? Robert Gates says the odds are 'pretty high.'

The personal email account Hillary Clinton used for business purposes during her tenure as secretary of state was almost certainly hacked by countries like Russia or Iran, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.

"One of your colleagues, Mike Morell, said on this program, or actually agreed with my assertion that almost certainly, Russians, Chinese and Iranians had compromised the home brew server of the former secretary of state," radio host Hugh Hewitt said. Gates, who served under Presidents Obama and George W. Bush, said he agreed with that assessment, adding that "the odds are pretty high" that Clinton's communications were accessed by unfriendly nations.

Gates' remarks come on the heels of the revelation that Clinton's private system processed information "of a higher level of classification than 'top secret'" which was never supposed to leave secure government servers.