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Democratic National Convention

Leon Panetta tears into Donald Trump for 'irresponsible,' 'inconceivable' calls for Russian hacking

Former CIA director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta fought through chants from protesters to take down Donald Trump in his Wednesday night address to the Democratic National Convention. As the crowd chanted "No more war," Panetta made the case for why — especially now, as America "faces flashpoints and threats from around the globe" — Trump cannot become the next commander-in-chief. "In an unstable world, we cannot afford unstable leadership," Panetta said, pointing out that Trump "says he gets his foreign policy experience from watching TV and running the Miss Universe Pageant."

Panetta also tore into Trump for taking "Russia's side" Wednesday amid the Democratic National Committee email hack investigation by asking the country to hack into Hillary Clinton's email and, essentially, "interfere in American politics." "It is inconceivable to me that any presidential candidate would be that irresponsible," Panetta said.

Catch a moment of the speech below. Becca Stanek