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Trump supporter warns that without his immigration plan, there will be 'taco trucks on every corner'

One Donald Trump supporter is warning that if his candidate isn't elected in November, it's going to be Taco Tuesday all day, every day.

On Thursday night, Marco Gutierrez, founder of Latinos for Trump, appeared on MSNBC to discuss the 10-point immigration plan that Donald Trump spelled out Wednesday night in Phoenix. Gutierrez told host Joy Reid that "my [Latino] culture" is "imposing" and "dominant," and "it's causing a problem." Then, he made an argument that actually turned into a strong case for why Trump's plan shouldn't be enacted: "If you don't do something about it, you're gonna have taco trucks [on] every corner." Reid's response? "I don't even know what that means, and I'm almost too afraid to ask."

Gutierrez went on to say that "the Spanish never conquered Mexico. We are a culture, we have a lot of good things that we bring to the United States, but we also have a lot of problems." Before you start imagining a country where apple pies and hot dogs are banned and the national snack is the churro, keep in mind the fatal flaw in this logic: Tacos are never, ever a problem, and Mexican food is already everywhere in the U.S., served alongside American staples. Grab a burrito and watch the video below. Catherine Garcia