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The presidential race is currently a tie

With 53 days until the election and two weeks until the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are locked in a virtual tie at 42 percent each when third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are factored in, a new CBS News/New York Times poll has found. In a two-way matchup, Clinton has a slight edge on Trump, 46-44.

Demographically, Trump has a double digit lead with men while Clinton holds a similar number with women; while Clinton has an advantage with African-Americans, Trump holds an advantage with whites. And while more of the under-30 crowd plans to vote for Clinton, at 48 percent, her numbers pale in comparison to Barack Obama's, who earned 60 percent of under-30 voters in 2012.

The poll reached 1,753 adults by telephone between September 9-13, including 1,433 registered voters. It was conducted in both English and Spanish, and was weighted to reflect U.S. Census figures on demographics. The margin of error for both samples was plus or minus three percent.