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Watch this Democratic Senate candidate's perfect retort to the NRA

Democratic candidate Jason Kander is making a run for the Senate seat of Missouri, but has faced backlash from the NRA, which aired ads warning voters, "Missouri's next senator will decide control of the Supreme Court; Jason Kander refused to defend your Second Amendment rights in Jefferson City."

Kander, a former Army captain who served in Afghanistan, responded by assembling an AR-15 while blindfolded in his latest ad, Politico's Playbook reports:

"Senator Blunt has been attacking me on guns," Kander says, naming incumbent Sen. Roy Blunt. "Well, in the Army, I learned how to use and respect my rifle."

After assembling the AR-15 without looking — all in under 30 seconds — Kander removes his blindfold. "I approve this message, because I'd like to see Senator Blunt do this," he says.