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Charles Krauthammer tells Megyn Kelly that 'Obama's legacy is toast'

Now that Republican Donald Trump has been elected president, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer is convinced President Obama's legacy will be nothing more than a "parenthesis in American history." "Obama's legacy is toast. Obama's legacy is gone, which explains why he so desperately — and unusually in American history — campaigned so roughly against Donald Trump," Krauthammer told Fox News' Megyn Kelly during an appearance on The Kelly File on Thursday night.

Krauthammer said that because so many of Obama's "accomplishments had been built on ramming stuff through the House and the Senate with very little consensus" and on "executive orders that are reversible with the stroke of a pen," all of his work will be very easily undone. "It collapses, if and when his successor turns out to be a Republican," Krauthammer said. "And that's what happened."

Watch Krauthammer explain to Kelly why Obama's legacy is about to disappear below. Becca Stanek