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a word to the wise

Former Bush official warns diplomats to stay away from Trump's 'angry, arrogant' transition

A former counselor to the Department of State under former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice posted an ominous warning Tuesday about President-elect Donald Trump's transition team. Eliot A. Cohen, now a professor at Johns Hopkins University, indicated in a tweet Tuesday morning that he'd changed his mind about possibly giving Team Trump a chance; citing a bad "exchange" of sorts with the president-elect's transition team, Cohen advised everyone to run far, far away:

Though Cohen was a big player in rallying Republicans against Trump, he wrote in an encouraging article for The American Interest after Election Day that Trump might "not be as awful as we think." In the article published Nov. 10, Cohen did not discourage his "younger friends" from accepting government jobs so long as they said "yes out of a sense of duty rather than mere careerism."

It seems that a mere five days later, Cohen has already lost faith.