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Chinese state media slams Trump as a 'diplomatic rookie'

President-elect Donald Trump's tweets about China and phone call with Taiwan's president have earned him mentions in numerous Chinese state media outlets' editorials. In an editorial published Tuesday, China Daily seemed to give Trump a pass while he's still president-elect — but indicated that would not be the case once he assumes the presidency in January. "To stop acting like the diplomatic rookie he is, the next U.S. president needs help in adapting to his forthcoming role change. Otherwise, he will make costly troubles for his country," the editorial read, warning that a "misstep as president will be far more damaging than one as president-elect."

Meanwhile, People's Daily — which The Washington Examiner described as "an organ of the ruling Communist Party" — warned China could "retaliate if necessary" if Trump attempts to interfere. "An irrational and hasty 'get tough with China' policy would be detrimental to U.S. long-term interests … Not only is the U.S. more dependent on China than Trump seems to realize, but world peace and prosperity depend on the healthy [development] of China-U.S. relations," People's Daily wrote.

Yet another state-run media outlet, the Global Times, slammed Trump for his "reckless" and "outrageous" remarks. "Trump can make a lot of noise," the editorial read, "but that does not exempt him from the rules of the major power game."