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is it too late now to say sorry?

The day after Trump was elected, Glenn Beck said he saw 'the seeds of what happened in Germany in 1933'

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck is a changed man. While he invoked references to Nazism and the Holocaust 487 times during President Obama's first 14 months in office, he's now advising America against stirring the pot under President-elect Donald Trump. In an interview with The Atlantic's Peter Beinart, Beck warned that if people don't put ideology and racial tensions aside — a suggestion he once called Obama "racist" for making — things could get ugly quickly in America:

The day after Trump's victory, I checked in with Beck again. He said he saw "the seeds of what happened in Germany in 1933." The question was whether the American people would "water them" with "hatred and division." Did he feel partly responsible? "I'll not only take my share of blame, I'll take extra," he answered. "If you want to blame me for him, that's fine; I don't believe it's true, but it's fine with me. Please just listen to the warnings now so we don't continue to do this." [The Atlantic]

The problem, Beinart argues, is that Beck's last-minute change of heart might not be enough to change the strengthening tide. After "years and years" of calling "sheep wolves," Beinart writes, "now that the wolf is here, it may be too late."

Head over to The Atlantic to read the story in full.