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a democratic takedown

Fox News' Tucker Carlson rips liberals' Electoral College scheme as anti-democratic fantasy

In Fox News host Tucker Carlson's opinion, a vote from a Republican elector against President-elect Donald Trump in Monday's Electoral College meeting is a vote against democracy. "There's no mention of voting your conscience," Carlson said Monday on Fox & Friends, citing Article II of the Constitution.

For as much time as Democrats have spent making a "pretty strong case in favor of democracy, empowering people to choose their government," Carlson argued the left is "making the opposite case now." "They are basically saying it doesn't matter that 62 million people voted for Trump, it doesn't matter that we had an election," Carlson said. "They don't believe in democracy."

Watch Carlson rail against liberals for trying to get electors to vote their conscience below. Becca Stanek