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3 shot at Muslim prayer center in Zurich

At least three men were injured Monday evening when a gunman stormed into a Muslim prayer center in Zurich and opened fire.

Police say several worshipers were in the building when the gunman entered and began shooting, hitting a 30-year-old, a 35-year-old, and a 56-year-old. Two of the victims were seriously injured, and one had minor wounds. The center is largely frequented by Somali immigrants, The New York Times reports, although police did not reveal any identifying information about the victims. Police describe the gunman, who fled the scene, as being around 30 and wearing dark clothes and a wool cap.

Just a few minutes after the shooting, the body of a man was discovered on the Gassner Bridge in the center of Zurich. The bridge is just a short distance away from the prayer center, and police say it is unclear if there was any connection to the shooting. The attack took place after the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated in Ankara and at least nine people were killed at a Berlin Christmas market in an incident German police say appears to have been deliberate.