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Donald Trump gushes over Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim: 'HE IS A GREAT GUY!'

President-elect Donald Trump still seems to be thinking about his Mar-a-Lago dinner with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. On Tuesday, days after their meeting Saturday at Trump's Florida resort, the president-elect tweeted about how the dinner date came to be:

Not only did they sit down for a "lovely dinner," Trump emphasized that Slim — "A GREAT GUY!" — was the one to request the meeting. The contents of their dinner discussion have not been disclosed.

Trump and the Mexican businessman traded some harsh words during the presidential election, with Slim saying Trump's policies would "destroy" the U.S. economy. Trump cast Slim, Mexico's richest person and the sixth richest person in the world, as being "part of a globalist cabal conspiring to undermine his candidacy," Forbes noted.

Must've been quite the dinner.