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The plot thickens

Comey says there's evidence Russia hacked state-level Republican campaigns, but not the Trump campaign

While testifying Tuesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee, FBI Director James Comey revealed that there's evidence Russia breached some Republican state-level organizations and campaigns, as well as an old domain for the Republican National Committee. Comey also said it's possible any hacked information acquired during these breaches could have been leaked. However, Comey said, neither President-elect Donald Trump's campaign nor the present RNC domain appear to have been "successfully hacked."

The Tuesday hearing was Comey's first public appearance since the presidential election last November.

The FBI director was less forthcoming, however, in response to questions about whether the bureau has looked into alleged ties between Trump's campaign and Russia. "In a public forum, we never confirm or deny the existence of a pending investigation," Comey said. Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), likely remembering Comey's announcement to members of Congress about Hillary Clinton's email investigation weeks before the election, pushed back. "The irony of your making that statement, I cannot avoid," King said.