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Seth Meyers, Kellyanne Conway discuss leaks, Twitter, and Trump's pesky tax returns

Props to Seth Meyers, who on Tuesday's Late Night tried to get spinmaster extraordinaire Kellyanne Conway to answer questions about Donald Trump releasing his taxes, why he's gone so long without holding a press conference, and how people are expected to know what's in his heart.

Conway, Trump's campaign manager and now a counselor to the president-elect, told Meyers both she and Trump are fans of the show, which Meyers found shocking. Flattery didn't keep him from asking Conway about news that broke right before filming, regarding reports that Russia has compromising information on Trump. After some back and forth on the details of the document, Conway said the concern should be that "intelligence officials leak to the press," while Meyers said it's actually more worrisome that Trump doesn't know whether or not he received a briefing on the matter.

Throughout the segment, Conway brought up Hillary Clinton multiple times, regardless of the questions Meyers asked, and she became annoyed when the audience audibly snickered during several points of the interview, including when she said Trump has "enormous curiosity" and is a "successful, brilliant businessman." Conway declared that it's "not fair that people don't give him his due," and she's "astonished" by the "disrespect" people have for Trump. Their chat ended with Meyers making a bet with Conway — "I bet in the next four years we're not going to see the president-elect's tax returns." Watch the video below to find out how Conway spun her response. Catherine Garcia