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was Idiocracy not available?

Trump's first White House movie screening was Finding Dory

On Sunday afternoon, President Trump held his first official movie screening in the White House since taking office — Finding Dory, the heartwarming tale of a fish who was separated from her parents as a child and travels to the United States so they can be together again.

Star Albert Brooks found the timing intriguing, tweeting it was "odd that Trump is watching Finding Dory today, a movie about reuniting with family, when he's preventing it in real life." On Friday, Trump signed an executive order banning travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States, and over the weekend, vetted refugees and green card and visa holders were detained at airports and removed from airplanes headed to the U.S.

Protests against the travel ban were held on Saturday and Sunday at airports across the country, and lest people think Trump was watching the sequel to Finding Nemo as demonstrators raged against the order, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted that Trump didn't stay in the theater long enough to watch the beauty of a forgetful fish reuniting with her parents, saying, "Actually, he spent 60 seconds welcoming and thanking spouses and children of White House staff then right back to work."