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Trump's late-night tweet storm focuses on the Clintons, House Freedom Caucus, and hoaxes

If you read President Trump's latest tweets and set aside a quarter for every time he says "Russia," you'll have enough money to buy a used copy of The Art of the Deal.

In the first of a series of tweets sent Monday night, Trump said he thought an investigation into Russian ties to the United States was a good idea, so long as the focus was on the only name he utters more than his own — Hillary Clinton.

After repeating a falsehood about his former opponent, Trump moved on and hit his next target: the House Freedom Caucus, the ultra-conservative group that did not support the Republicans' health-care bill. Their refusal to back the American Health Care Act, along with opposition from moderate Republicans, forced GOP leadership to call off the vote Friday.

After that confusing attempt at a burn, Trump ended his late-night tweet-storm with a promise. Catherine Garcia