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Eric Trump declares Sean Hannity the world's greatest patriot

Eric Trump couldn't say enough good things about Fox News host Sean Hannity during his appearance Tuesday on Fox & Friends. For 30 seconds, President Trump's son sang Hannity's praises, calling him a "fantastic person" and a "great, great man" with "strong beliefs." "By the way," Trump said, "there is no better patriot in the world than Sean Hannity."

In a rebuttal to former anchor Ted Koppel's remark over the weekend that Hannity and his show are "bad for America," Trump argued that Hannity is actually great for the nation. While Koppel contended Hannity's show has "attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts," Trump said that strong beliefs are crucial to American progress. "You know, beliefs are what get America to a great place," Trump said.

Watch Trump declare Hannity the best patriot in the world below. Becca Stanek