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It wasn't all bad

Yale-bound Ohio quadruplets sticking together for 4 more years

The Wade quadruplets were accepted into a combined 59 colleges, but they all settled on the same one: Yale University.

The 18-year-old brothers from Liberty Township, Ohio, told NBC News they not only felt comfortable on campus, but they received an "extraordinary" financial aid package. "The school treated us like family," Nigel Wade said. The brothers — Nigel, Zach, Aaron, and Nick — didn't let their parents, Darrin and Kim, know where they were applying, and it was also a surprise to everyone when Nick was accepted everywhere he applied. The brothers are all proud of each other, with Nigel telling NBC News, "We are more collaborative than competitive."

Aaron, a pianist and singer, wants to study artificial intelligence, while Zach, a discus star, will likely study chemical engineering. Nick has studied Arabic in Morocco and wants to become a diplomat, and Nigel plans on studying neuroscience in order to become a doctor. While at Yale, the Wade brothers know they will each be on their own individual path, meeting new people and learning new things, but it will be "great knowing if we do have trouble, we can go back to our brothers," Zach said. "There is someone there for us in 15 minutes." Catherine Garcia