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Megyn Kelly defends her interview with Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones, claims she finds his denial 'personally revolting'

NBC News' Megyn Kelly defended her controversial decision to interview Infowars host and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones on her new Sunday newsmagazine program, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. Kelly claimed that with the interview, she intended to "shine a light" on the "considerable falsehoods" Jones promotes.

"I find Alex Jones' suggestion that [the Sandy Hook massacre] was 'a hoax' as personally revolting as every other rational person does," Kelly said in a statement, adding she interviewed Jones in pursuit of an answer to how he holds the "respect of the president ... and a growing audience of millions."

The interview, which airs in full this Sunday, has sparked a sizable backlash on social media and already cost the network at least one advertiser, J.P. Morgan Chase.