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Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly

J.P. Morgan reportedly yanks ads from all NBC news shows over Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview

NBC host Megyn Kelly says that she is broadcasting her interview with Alex Jones, the notorious conspiracist, on Father's Day because President Trump has appeared on and praised Jones' Infowars and given his outlet White House press credentials, so her job is to "shine a light" on him. Her choice of subjects has sparked a sizable backlash on social media, especially given Jones' continued questioning of whether any school kids were actually murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in a 2012 shooting rampage (20 of them were, along with six adults).

And now, The Wall Street Journal reports, the Infowars exposé has cost Kelly's show and network at least one big advertiser, J.P. Morgan Chase, which has asked that its local TV ads and digital ads be removed from Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly and all NBC news shows until after Kelly's Alex Jones interview airs on Sunday. Kristin Lemkau, J.P. Morgan's chief marketing officer, explained why:

The New York Daily News was more direct:

Jones is also asking that the interview be spiked, accusing Kelly of distorting his well-documented views on Sandy Hook. Parents of children murdered at the school blame Jones for promoting the conspiracy theory that the shooting was a government hoax, saying his acolytes have been encouraged to troll them.