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sessions hearing

Photograph places Jeff Sessions, Russian ambassador together at the Mayflower Hotel

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions dismissed former FBI Director James Comey's report to senators last week in a closed-door session that Sessions possibly had a third, previously unreported meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel in April 2016. Sessions said that it was his understanding that Kislyak was indeed in attendance at the event, but that he could "not remember" talking to the ambassador.

Under questioning, Sessions clarified it was "possible" he had spoken with Kislyak but if it happened, he couldn't "recall" it.

"Certainly I can assure you nothing improper [happened] if I'd had a conversation with him, and it's conceivable that occurred," Sessions said. "I just don't remember it."

Perhaps this photograph might jog his memory? Jeva Lange