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Someone leaked the GOP response to leaks to the paper that always writes about leaks

The Washington Post published its latest scoop related to President Trump on Wednesday night — five different officials told the paper that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice — and as soon as the Republican National Committee wrote its talking points in response to the story, the pages were leaked to the Post's Philip Rucker.

On Twitter, Rucker shared the talking points that were put together in an attempt to discredit his paper's report, saying they were sent to him by a source. The document mentions leaks several times, calling them "inexcusable, outrageous, and illegal. The leaks are the only crime here." The investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is a "fishing expedition," and if the investigators "had a real case, they wouldn't be leaking information," the RNC argued. The Republican talking-point creators concluded that the obstruction of justice charges are "baseless" and it's time to "get back to the real issues that matter to Americans." Maybe tomorrow there will be a leak about the leak about the leaks.