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enough already

A car decorated with the Confederate flag drove into a Utah demolition derby. The whole crowd reportedly sighed.

After the emotional wringer from Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month, and President Trump's response to the violence, a crowd at the Utah County Fair was simply exhausted when a car with a Confederate flag on top drove onto the demolition derby field last weekend. "The crowd did not cheer," The Salt Lake Tribune writes. "Witnesses report there was a discernible collective sigh."

The car belonged to a 17-year-old driver who'd snuck the flag on after the vehicle had already been cleared in inspection. The boy's mother said "it appeared to be more of a teenage prank," the Tribune writes.

Still, many in Utah didn't need to be convinced by Charlottesville to turn on the Confederate flag. The Tribune writes that in July, at the Draper Days Parade, "cheers along the route quickly turned to silence when" the Utah Sons of Confederate Veterans marched by.