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Trump's longtime aide Keith Schiller is reportedly planning to leave the White House

Keith Schiller, the director of Oval Office operations who has been working with President Trump since 1999, plans to leave the White House "at the end of September or in early October," CNN reported Friday. Trump's longtime aide has reportedly grown frustrated with the rigid structure that Chief of Staff John Kelly has imposed since taking the position, and he's also apparently dissatisfied with the pay. Schiller previously earned $294,000 a year; he now earns $165,000 annually.

If the rumors are true — White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insists they're not — this would certainly be a blow for Trump. CNN noted that Schiller's departure would leave Trump "without one of his most loyal and trusted aides at his side at a time of tumultuous change at the White House." Even after Secret Service took over Trump's protective detail, Schiller stayed on as Trump's body man and personal aide, removing protesters during campaign rallies and even delivering the fateful letter informing former FBI Director James Comey of his firing.

CNN noted that it's "unclear whether Schiller will be convinced to stay longer in his position." Schiller declined to comment.

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