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Cruz says North Korea bomb test is 'a serious escalation in their ability to commit mass acts of murder'

Sen. Ted Cruz on ABC News

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made an appearance on ABC's This Week Sunday to talk Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts and North Korea's claim to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.

"North Korea, right now, is the most dangerous place on the face of the planet," Cruz argued, calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "radical," "unpredictable," and "extreme." "This step, if it is right that they have now developed a hydrogen bomb, is a serious escalation in their ability to commit mass acts of murder," Cruz continued, "and it is going to call for further serious steps to prevent North Korea from using those weapons."

On the question of what steps would be appropriate, Cruz noted "no rational person wants to see a military conflict with North Korea" because the loss of life would be enormous. Instead, he advocated missile defense, economic leverage via sanctions, and designating North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism. Reflecting on President Trump's "fire and fury" comments, Cruz said he would not use such rhetoric but that "it helps for North Korea and China to understand that we have a president who is strong."

Watch an excerpt of the interview below. Bonnie Kristian