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Stephen Miller reportedly jumped into the end of a high school girls' track meet to prove that men are more athletic

Although President Trump's 32-year-old adviser and speechwriter Stephen Miller has mostly stayed out of the spotlight in the tumultuous White House, he has still managed to craft something of a reputation for himself as an uncompromising conservative firebrand. That reputation dates back to high school, The New York Times learned, where Miller was known by his classmates in liberal-leaning Santa Monica for railing against the janitors and allegedly performing a "patriotic semi-striptease" (unfortunately, a literal one) for the newspaper editor.

Miller also reportedly took a rather unique route to proving, without any apparent reason, that men are physically superior to women:

[Miller] jumped, uninvited, into the final stretch of a girls' track meet, apparently intent on proving his athletic supremacy over the opposite sex. (The White House, reaching for exculpatory context, noted that this was a girls' team from another school, not his own.) [The New York Times]

Notably, the White House did not deny high school Miller jumped into the race. Read the full account at The New York Times.