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CNN's Chris Cuomo calls out GOP congressman's hypocrisy on Trump's executive orders

CNN's Chris Cuomo was not letting Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) off the hook during an interview Friday about President Trump's use of an executive order to unwind parts of the Affordable Care Act. "You have said that the American people have spoken loudly during the midterms: They want a legislative fix to problems," Cuomo reminded Jordan. "Those were your words. You said President Obama can't be an emperor. He has to execute laws, not write his own. That is exactly what this president is doing — why isn't your criticism the same?"

"That's why we passed out of the House a bill that would have improved the health-care situation, a bill that would have repealed most of ObamaCare, a bill that would have replaced it — " said Jordan.

"But it didn't become a law," Cuomo interrupted.

"I know, and that's a problem," said Jordan. "This underscores why we need to get back to doing that and actually repeal this law. That should be the focus."

But Cuomo hardly let it go that easily: "And you are okay with [Trump] doing it by executive orders when you have pounded executive orders in the past?" Cuomo challenged. Watch the full interview below. Jeva Lange