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Sean Hannity asks the media to forget Manafort, focus on what 'President Clinton' knew about Uranium One

Sean Hannity did not ignore Monday's indictments and guilty plea of President Trump's former campaign officials on his Fox News show, explaining why onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's alleged financial crimes won't hurt Trump and shrugging off the guilty plea and federal cooperation of a Trump campaign adviser. "George Papadopoulos, he admitted, okay, he lied to the FBI — I think he's 29 years old," Hannity said, before insisting that until Monday, he'd never heard of the campaign adviser who confessed to trying to hook Trump up with Russian "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

But soon enough, Hannity got to the real story: "So now that we have no Trump collusion, here's what we do have tonight. This is what the media will ignore, this is what matters, these are the facts, this is where the evidence comes in: What did Hill— President Clinton, or President Clinton-wannabe, President Obama, and key members of the administration, what did they know about the Uranium One scandal?"

Maybe he and Joy Reid at MSNBC could have a chat. On a related note, you can watch Fox News host Greg Gutfeld try to explain Hillary Clinton's obsession with Fox News below. Peter Weber