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60,000 nationalists march in Poland, chanting, 'Europe must be white'

An estimated 60,000 nationalists marched in Warsaw to celebrate Poland's 99 years of independence on Saturday.

While many simply waved Polish flags, some demonstrators threw red smoke bombs and carried signs with slogans like "Europe must be white," "white Europe of brotherly nations," and "pray for an Islamic Holocaust." They shouted chants including "glory to our heroes," "pure Poland, white Poland, "refugees get out," and "death to enemies of the homeland."

Among the marchers were supporters of Poland's governing party, Law and Justice (PiS). Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak downplayed the racist elements in comments praising the "beautiful sight" of Poles celebrating independence.

A significantly smaller counter-protest was also organized in which demonstrators carried signs opposing fascism. View scenes from the main rally below. Bonnie Kristian