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Yankees president and Trump supporter Randy Levine publicly skewers the GOP tax plan as 'giving new life' to the swamp

One of President Trump's "longest standing supporters," New York Yankees president Randy Levine, published a scathing open letter Sunday night that ripped Trump for supporting "the swamp's idea of tax reform."

"The plans on the table are not middle-class tax cuts," Levine wrote at Newsmax. "They may not even be tax cuts at all. When you ran and won, you ran on draining the swamp, not giving new life to it."

On Sunday, the Congressional Budget Office found that the Republican tax plan would increase the federal deficit by approximately $1.4 trillion over the next decade, and that it would be worse for Americans earning under $75,000 than previous estimates had anticipated.

"You may think the present deal is a win because something (anything) will get passed and be chalked up as an accomplishment for your administration," Levine went on. "Nothing can be further from the truth." Levine argues that "this is a plan that helps Wall Street, hedge funds, private equity managers, real estate and oil and gas partnerships, and individuals who disguise income as profits or distributions."

As things stand Monday morning, "if the Senate can get its tax bill through this week, there's a good chance Congress could get a bill to President Donald Trump's desk by the end of the year," Politico reports. Read Levine's full letter at Newsmax.