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one bad lord of the rings metaphor to rule them all

Stephen Bannon is back to calling Trump supporters 'hobbits'

Stephen Bannon has apparently confused "the little guy" with J.R.R. Tolkien's second-breakfast-eating heroes, the Hobbits, The Japanese Times reports. In his Tokyo speech lauding Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for being "Trump before Trump" this weekend, Bannon implicitly likened the "elites" to orcs by claiming the "hobbits" and "deplorables" that elected Trump "will never allow" him to be ousted.

"They will only be there for him to make sure he wins a glorious re-election," said Bannon, who himself was ousted this summer from his role as White House chief strategist.

Oddly, this weekend was not the first time Bannon has called Trump's supporters "the hobbits." That being said, any Trump-opposing Tolkien fans getting up in arms can rest assured that someone has already pointed out the flaws in Bannon's metaphor.