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It wasn't all bad

'Angels' befriend homeless man, help him reconnect with sister thousands of miles away

Thanks to the generosity of strangers, a brother and sister are reunited after several years apart.

Stephanie Rice and Jody Revak would see Alan Duffany, 52, during their daily commutes in West Sacramento, California. They would give the homeless man money, but decided at Christmas to give him a bigger gift: new clothes and a bus ticket to Tennessee, where his sister, Rose Cooper, lives. "The two ladies that helped me — they are my angels," Duffany told KCRA. Cooper said she "didn't think I was going to see my little brother again," and had spent the last two years trying to track him down.

After more than 60 hours on a bus, Duffany arrived in the small town of Sneedville, and is living with his sister and trying to find work. "It's such a blessing, it really is," Cooper said. "I've never seen such kindness in my life." Revak told KCRA she hopes her small act inspires others. "I just wish that everybody would be kind to one another," she said. "It just takes one helping hand to another." Catherine Garcia