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Maine Sen. Angus King successfully lobbies for creation of lobster emoji

An exciting new catch is coming soon to your smartphone. The Unicode Consortium announced Wednesday that it will add more than 150 new emojis to its database, and after a campaign from Maine Sen. Angus King (I) — as well as an online petition that received over 5,000 signatures — the lobster will at long last join its crustacean companion, the crab, in emoji form.

Upon hearing of the victory, King tweeted that it was "great news for Maine" and thanked the Unicode Consortium for recognizing "this critical crustacean" for its influence "across the country."

The Unicode Consortium also released a mock-up of the lobster emoji, and while its exact look is subject to change until it makes its debut in June, the forthcoming critter looks positively delicious. Among other emojis to be included in the new set are a mango, a strand of DNA, and a roll of toilet paper. View the full list here, or watch a video of all the previews below. Shivani Ishwar