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GOP Senate candidate's parents donated maximum amount to Democratic incumbent

Et tu, mom and dad?

In July, Kevin Nicholson announced he would seek the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, looking to replace the incumbent, Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Last week, Baldwin's campaign reported its quartely donations to the Federal Election Commission, and it turns out, Nicholson's parents, Donna and Michael, both gave Baldwin the maximum allowed under the law: $2,700 each. They will both be able to donate $2,700 again during the general election.

Nicholson, a former president of College Democrats of America, told CNN he's not taking it personally. "My parents have a different worldview than I do, and it is not surprising that they would support a candidate like Tammy Baldwin, who shares their perspective," he said. Nicholson said he became a conservative in 2007 after serving with the Marines in Iraq, and "regardless of who may disagree with my life decisions, I would not trade these experiences for anything, and they will always guide my views as Wisconsin's next U.S. senator."