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Anthony Scaramucci insists John Kelly fired him 'like a gentleman'

Anthony Scaramucci was infamously dismissed from the White House last year for using some, shall we say, ungentlemanly language. But the short-lived White House communications director claims that when he was fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly, all proper decorum was maintained:

[...] Kelly clamped down on the free flow of information to Trump, who once rifled through Breitbart articles and conspiracy-stuffed printouts with impunity. Some executive riffraff was expelled altogether. "He fired me like a gentleman," says Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted 11 days as communications director and scolds anyone who suggests it was 10. [The New York Times Magazine]

Scaramucci's comment appears in a sprawling examination of Kelly published Monday at The New York Times Magazine, where writer Matt Flegenheimer examines how even as some Democrats saw Kelly as a saving grace for a chaotic White House, the former Marine general has always been steadfast in his commitment to immigration restrictionism — which is anathema to their movement. Read Flegenheimer's full piece at The New York Times Magazine.