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he lives!

There's an Elvis Presley running for Congress in Arkansas

Elvis Presley has left the building, hoping to make his way to the U.S. Capitol.

No, this isn't proof that the famous crooner faked his own death four decades ago and has finally re-emerged so he could run for office. The Elvis in question is Elvis D. Presley, a Libertarian who will run against Rep. Rick Crawford in an eastern Arkansas congressional district. Crawford, a Republican, is seeking a fifth term.

Presley and Crawford both filed their paperwork on Monday. This isn't the first time Elvis D. Presley — who happens to be an Elvis A. Presley impersonator — has thrown his hat into a political ring; he has also run for governor of Arkansas, land commissioner, and the state legislature, The Associated Press reports. Crawford has not commented on whether or not Presley joining the race has him all shook up.