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let's settle this once and for all

Woman requests Ted Cruz take a DNA test to prove he's human

Politicians are asked all sorts of questions in a typical day, but Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wasn't prepared for the woman who politely requested on Tuesday night that he submit to a DNA test in order to prove, once and for all, that he is in fact a human being.

In a video posted to YouTube, a woman who identified herself as Tammy Talpas can be heard explaining to Cruz that she has several pre-existing health conditions, and if her insurance changes and she's forced "into a high-risk pool, you will either bankrupt me or kill me." Talpas said she takes Cruz's "threats of medical aggression personally and seriously," and then throws her curveball. "Will you pledge to submit to a DNA test, to prove you're human?" she asked.

Cruz, unamused, responded: "Well, ma'am, thank you for that. One of the great things about our democratic system is that we can treat each other with respect and civility." Talpas asked if that was a yes or a no, and Cruz brushed the question off. "Ma'am, if you want to engage in insults, that's your prerogative," he said. The back-and-forth went on for a bit longer, but ended without any resolution. Will DNA testing for humanity now have to become part of the candidate vetting process? Catherine Garcia