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A majority of men say #MeToo makes it harder to figure out how to act around women at work

The golden hour of condemning sexual harassment is here, and apparently it's making things complicated for men.

More than half of men — 55 percent — think our newfound focus on sexual assault has made it harder for them to figure out how they should interact with women at work, a Pew Research Center survey shows. Meanwhile, 47 percent of women said #MeToo spells trouble for men in the workplace.

There are sharp differences between generations on the issue. Of adults aged 18-29, just 42 percent said it's harder for men to know how to act around women at work now, while 66 percent of those older than 65 said the same. Republican men felt the strongest, with 68 percent pointing out just how difficult a movement focused on women's empowerment has been for them.

Overall, 51 percent of adults thought #MeToo has made things harder for men. Pew surveyed 6,251 adults online from Feb. 26 to March 11. The poll has a margin of error of 1.9 percent. See more results here.