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Listen to Trump rant about all the other news networks to the silent hosts of Fox & Friends

You know how when you're really worked up, you call a best friend? You know, someone you can rant to, who really supports you, and who you know won't really hold your most aggravated thoughts against you?

President Trump did that Thursday morning with a quick call to the gang of Fox & Friends.

In a freewheeling interview with hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade, the president addressed several ongoing stories, including former FBI Director James Comey's book tour and the allegations in his memoir, A Higher Loyalty; the failed nomination of his preferred Veterans Affairs secretary, Ronny Jackson; and his apparently renewed kinship with Kanye West. He also revisited one of his pet topics, the "fake news media."

"People have to understand," Trump began, "how dishonest the news is." He was careful to note that his host network, Fox News, treats him "fairly" even if they're not "perfect for me." When Trump launched into an attack of CNN, Kilmeade gently suggested that perhaps Trump watch less of the network. "I'm not your doctor, Mr. President, but I would recommend you watch less of them," Kilmeade said, which prompted Trump to declare, "I don't watch them at all." He then immediately pivoted to a discussion of a CNN town hall with "Leakin' Lyin' Comey" that aired Wednesday night, which he admitted he watched but "hated to do it."

Doocy and Earhardt tried their hands at getting the president to move to a new topic, which they eventually succeeded in — but not before Trump got in a shot at NBC News, too. Watch below. Kimberly Alters