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Nearly two-thirds of Americans want Trump to stick with the Iran deal

President Trump has said he will announce Tuesday afternoon whether he is unilaterally pulling the U.S. out of a deal with Iran, China, Russia, and European allies that prevents Iran from developing nuclear weapons at least through 2030, and Trump is widely expected to scrap the deal. A CNN poll out Tuesday shows that to be an unpopular choice, with 63 percent of Americans preferring to stay in the deal and only 29 percent saying the U.S. should pull out.

There is a partisan divide, with 51 percent of Republicans, 47 percent of conservatives, and 46 percent of people who think Trump is doing a good job as president favoring scrapping the deal, while Democrats and independents strongly favor staying with the deal. Interestingly, a 62 percent majority of respondents said they don't think Iran is living up to the terms of the deal — despite the International Atomic Energy Agency and even the Trump administration saying Iran has been in compliance. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they approve Trump's handling of Iran, while 46 percent disapprove and 17 percent have no opinion.

The CNN poll was conducted over the phone by SSRS from May 2-5 among 1,015 randomly sampled adults nationwide, and it has a margin of sampling error of ±3.6 percentage points. If you want to learn more about the Iran deal and Trump's options, The Associated Press has a good explainer, or you can watch David Sanger run through the pros and cons on CNN's New Day. Peter Weber