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Trump gushed over this GOP congressman for supporting his tax cuts. Actually, he voted against them.

President Trump picked a side in the white-hot race for New York's 11th congressional district seat on Wednesday, endorsing incumbent Rep. Dan Donovan (R).

Donovan is the right choice for several reasons, Trump argued, and is aligned with the president on many issues. There's just one problem — Trump praised Donovan for voting in favor of a major tax cut bill last year, when in fact the congressman opposed it.

Donovan "is strong on borders & crime, loves our military & our vets, voted for tax cuts and is helping me to make America great again," Trump tweeted.

Actually, Donovan criticized the bill, saying it would hurt his constituents. "This tax bill doesn't equal relief for far too many New Yorkers," said Donovan in a statement. "My responsibility and allegiance is to the people who sent me here, and I will not support a tax hike on the people I represent."

Trump explained that he preferred Donovan over former Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) because he wanted to avoid another Alabama situation, where candidate Roy Moore lost to Democrat Doug Jones in part due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Grimm was charged with felony tax evasion in 2014, reports USA Today, and Trump tweeted that he didn't want to "take any chances," lest his party lose another seat to a "Nancy Pelosi controlled Democrat."